Thursday, September 5, 2013

Staying Motivated

Scott and I have been deep in the third season of Game of Thrones from HBO, which has allowed me to blast ahead on some knitting projects.

The Northlady Mittens are getting very close to completion!  After dinner tonight, I plan on finishing the top of these.  That leaves the thumbs for the weekend- finished just in time for the September 10th deadline I was aiming for!
This pair are going so quickly and so well that I already have the yarn for a second pair ready to go.

They will be another Christmas gift for the year.  The white is more off-white, and the blue is a darker, deeper blue.  I stuck with Alpaca for the liner- super cozy, and dark blue to keep them looking cleaner longer!  I plan on knitting the next pair one needle size up, to make sure that this pair will have a liner on the inside!

Can anyone guess what this is going to be?  Here's a hint- I'm knitting 4 of them as a set to give to 4 golfers.  Wait until the more interesting part comes out... :)
I climbed quite a bit yesterday- first with my friend Amanda for an hour, then later in the evening with Emily for a couple of hours.

Last night was definitely one of those sessions where I only had a few moments where I truly enjoyed being there- mostly when I was in the midst of doing a difficult problem.  Otherwise I sulked around a bit, not terribly motivated, climbing mostly because I needed to climb and get a work out in.  Don't get me wrong- I had 3 solid hours of climbing in, including laps on the overhang, bouldering, and doing some campus board training at the end.  It just didn't feel terribly motivating.  One of my favorite pro climbers, Steph Davis, said in an interview once that those are the types of days that it's most important to climb.  It's important to have that base, that way on the days you feel great, they're really great, because you kept going on the days when you felt just bleh.
At least, that's what I kept telling myself last night when I clipped the anchors of the overhanging hueco wall for my 3rd lap in a row... :)

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Mark said...

Does Steph's comment equate in any way to 3 solid hours of knitting, or reading, when getting through less than delightful patterns or pages?