Thursday, May 9, 2013

Getting Back Up

It's the last week of classes at my college, and all of my students are turning in their final papers to me today. As I went to bed last night, I wondered how many of them were staying up late to work on their papers (and hopefully not start their paper!).  The one nice part about this time of the semester is that I get a little bit of relaxing time before the onslaught of final grading.
I took advantage of it yesterday, and went on my very first run in a long time (and first since I've been anemic)!

(Note the bright red laces- Maeby chewed through the original black laces, so I had to replace them.  Dumb cat.)
It felt amazing to finally be outside running again- frankly, to be outside doing anything again, and especially something active!  I was so proud to get 1.3 miles in, with only walking a block of it halfway through!  This comes from the girl who couldn't walk up the stairs before my blood transfusion without getting winded.
I've also been good about eating healthier.  Case in point- lunch yesterday was a grilled cheese sandwich, loaded with spinach and avocado.  I'm becoming a fan of sandwiches again, and figuring out how I can add extra-healthy elements filled with iron is a plus!

One more exciting thing happened- I received my surgery packet in the mail!  Yeah- I get to have surgery. :)

The doctors figured out exactly what was wrong with me, and I have to have surgery to fix it.  I'll be going on in Friday the 17th- a week from tomorrow.  Luckily, it'll be fairly simple and straightforward, and my healing time should be very fast (keeping my fingers crossed).  After I heal, the anemia and all the problems I've had lately should completely clear up, and I'll be going at full speed again by my birthday at the end of June!  Although I'm a little nervous about the surgery itself, I'm ridiculously excited for the "afterwards"- including, hopefully, running the half!  I figure if I train pretty much every day, I can still make a decent showing at the race, and only improve every subsequent race!
Tomorrow- stitches in my back come out.  One week from tomorrow- surgery.  June 22nd- running 13.1 miles.  I see only positive things ahead! :)

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