Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Snowflakes in the Cold

For the second day in a row, our high was forecasted around -5.  I haven't seen the temperature go above -12, and the windchill is dipping from between -30 and -40.  Classes were cancelled today both in the public schools and at my college, giving me a day at home to get things done.
Therefore, I got down to work and got some stuff done.
This morning, I watched the inauguration speech from yesterday while I worked on the border for the Kleio shawl.

With any luck, a movie tonight (or more CSI) will finish off the edging, leaving me with weaving in the ends and blocking.  SO CLOSE to finally knocking this project from the "to do" to the "DONE" pile.
After a lot of coffee and a couple pieces of toast, I pulled the Snowflake Shawl out of the box.  Time to finally get the grafting finished on this beast, once and for all.
I laid out the remainder of the snowflake hexagons...

put some Netflix on my little Nook, got some fuzzy good company, and after a few hours, a sore back, and a box of wheat thins...

finally... finally...

finished the grafting on the snowflakes.

It feels so good to finally get this part of this project done.  It went from being something I had to lay out on my bed in order to work on to only needing the edging.
Oh, and about a million ends to weave in.

Don't even think about mentioning that to me.  I'm riding the wave of happiness.  Raining on that is not cool.
I'm going to go climb for a couple hours to stretch my muscles out before coming back to do some more work.
Not bad for a cold day off. :)

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