Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Settling In

Sorry for such a long absence from writing!  It's been crazy busy trying to find time to move everything from one apartment to the next between working 40 hours at the climbing gym and 8 hours at the dance studio a week, not to mention choreographing and training for climbing.  I finally had a couple of full days off this weekend to really put the apartment in order, and I'm loving how it's looking so far!
While occasionally I'm not the neatest person on the planet in my bedroom (ask my Mom) I like common areas such as the kitchen, living room, and bathroom to be clean, and that wasn't the case in the last place.  So having a place that's easy to keep clean with just two people is great- though we have a couple of new roommates that we've been getting used to the last week or so!
This is Albert- he's our little poof-ball that's about 11 weeks old and scared of his own shadow.  He's needed a lot of love and petting to get used to people and spends a lot of time hiding under the couch, but when you get him purring it's loud and continuous and will go as long as you decide to pet him.
Maeby is our little "helper" kitten.  She a little over 3 months old, though tinier than Albert.  She doesn't hide ever, and loves to go between chasing a ping-pong ball around the apartment to jumping up and falling asleep in your lap when you're reading on the couch.  She loves teasing and playing with Albert, and I often wake up to her cuddled right next to me purring away.  A super cute little lady!
Other things that have been on the agenda- Scott's really gotten behind the idea of brewing his own beer, so for the last few weekends our apartment has stunk of hops and beer when he made his first couple of batches!  He's planning on bottling the first batch of Honey-Wheat Ale in the next day or two here, then he has a batch of Fuggles IPA after that.  Both batches are going to brew about 5 gallons of beer, so we're going to have a "Beer and Kitten Party" soon to introduce Duluth friends to Maeby (and maybe Albert if he comes out of hiding) and share some (hopefully) tasty brews.  
Last news before I run off- I finally got to cast on for the cowl I'm making for my brother's girlfriend, Kendra. She's going to be making me an original painting to hang in my apartment, and I'm making her something soft and squishy to wear in the winter, spring, and fall.  This is part of my "12 in 2012" series, and I'm hoping that some solid time today and tomorrow plus a car ride to the cities this weekend will help really move that project along.
The quilt blanket is moving along- I've cut out probably 2/3 of the squares for my college/high school blanket, and I'm thanking my lucky stars that I don't have 500 race Tshirts to add! ;)  I did happen to find more climbing shirts, plus I'll be participating in UMD's competition in April, so it'll be good to finish one quilt before starting the next... :)
Until later!

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Mark said...

How long 'til your blog is renamed to add "brew too"? Or won't those beer brewing types find knitting projects interesting?