Wednesday, June 8, 2011

In Duluth, we have natural AC...

Yesterday I gave my Mom a ring down in the Twin Cities. She was just getting home from work, telling me how incredibly hot it was and how summer was hitting them with a bang.
I was mildly confused, because though it was a little muggy up here in Duluth, I was more in the "comfortable" stage when biking outdoors and to and from dance rehearsal- not blisteringly hot as she was describing.
Later, when I saw the temps for the day, I saw why:
See the Twin Cities? They're in dark red- 102 degrees. See Duluth, at the tip of the nose of Lake Superior?
52 degrees for our high.
Even International Falls on the Canadian border got up to 64.
If there's one thing about living next to this gigantic cold lake, it sure acts as a great air conditioner.
Crossing my fingers that this weekend we get up to 60...

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Mark said...

Reminds me of the time we had the kayaks in Duluth on the car rack, on a summer weekend visit to see you, planning to paddle "up north" on our final morning before going back to the Twin Cities. We woke up to pea soup fog at Indian Point Campground, so we went out for breakfast. Seeing it was still foggy and below 60, we stalled with coffee forever. When it was still foggy and cold at 11 am or so I think it was, maybe later, we gave up and decided to kayak in the Chisago chain of lakes on the way back home, instead. When we did that, temps "down south" were in the high 80's, as I recall, so probably half the incredible 50 degree difference seen yesterday. Uff-da!