Sunday, June 12, 2011

Grad Parties and Dance Recitals

This was my last really full weekend before I could officially declare it summer, with a Grad Party for my cousin on Friday night and the dance recital for the studio that I teach at last night.
My cousin Sam graduated from high school, and because of my work schedule it had to be an overnight trip to the cities with a 6 am departure on Saturday morning. Luckily, fun was had. A couple of my favorite guys were there, although they opted to sleep on the entire car ride home, leaving me to very quietly jam to the radio since my cassette deck has been on the fritz (yes, I use the cassette tape deck in the car). Despite the super short time down there, it was still great. My family takes having fun seriously:
and we jammed all night with a super cheesy band, 90 pounds of pulled pork, and my newly-graduated cousin at the end jumping off the 2nd floor balcony of the house onto the trampoline and launching himself into the ground due to a badly-aimed second bounce. Good times were had by all. :)
Last night was the final recital for my dance studio, and despite the length of the show it was still a really good time. I'm going to really miss teaching dance the rest of this summer, though I know have a lot of time to work hard on beginning my choreography and choosing my songs for next year's season!
I'm especially going to miss some of the other teachers- a lot of crazy talented ladies- including the lovely and talented Miss Jenelle.
I know I'll still see her, but I'll miss teaching in the same studio and being around her. She's a remarkable lady, and I hope that I can be as good a dance teacher as her!
Comparatively, today was fairly low-key with working at the climbing gym all day. I did manage to finish the body of Gus the Giraffe, which resembles more of a gourd or a pear than a giraffe.
I'll be starting on the head tonight during a movie, and will hopefully finish it soon since I leave for my trip in a few weeks- right about the time my cousin is due with unknown gender baby. So exciting! Good thing I have lots of baby-friendly books for all these pregnant friends... ;)

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Mark said...

Did you knit the giraffe's organs too, and put them inside the body?