Thursday, February 17, 2011


The last couple of days have been ridiculously warm up here in Duluth. We set a record high yesterday at 52 degrees F, which made perfect weather for a beautiful walk around Duluth!
The ice in the harbor was breaking up all over the place, and I made sure to do some iceberg-jumping while out (though in retrospect, I really should have fallen in)...
In between tearing off bits of tasty cinnamon chip bread from Great Harvest, a local bakery, I made sure to let my knitting get some air- my pair of crazy-colored socks, which I finally frogged the heel and lengthened the heel flap to what it needed to be.
I love knitting with the bright colors in the midst of white, gray, and ice, and these socks really fit the ticket!
It's supposed to get cold again soon, but it was nice to pull out my rainboots, stretch my legs, and get knitting pictures outside for once. Gives me the itch to finish that one sweater that's been lingering in the background for a long time... get some (finished!) pictures of it against the snowy background...
Yay progress!

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