Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Something Cozy

Things have been crazy since the semester started, with reading piling up and paperwork to be filled out so I can graduate and a thesis paper I'm revising and a french translation test to study for on top of teaching dance and working at the climbing gym. I'm going to be really glad when week five passes and I can breathe a little sigh of relief at getting papers in before more studying.
In between all the insanity, I managed to knit a little something to keep my coffee warm during the many late-night study sessions I've been having.It's a mug cozy, knit with a very brilliant little pattern that was fast and easy to remember. I've never done "smocking" before, so learning a new technique in the process was an extra bonus!
Specs: The pattern is the Mug and French Press Jacket, with the link to the blog sight here and the Ravelry link here. I made it with some extra Cascade 220 that I found while stash-diving, in a really pretty red/orange mix that was a great splash of color for the middle of winter, not to mention as Valentine's Day approaches! The button is another one from my Grandma's stash- big and brown and fun.I did modify it a little- the bottom increases called for making one by lifting the bar from the previous round, but it was getting really tight and didn't look the way I wanted, so I simply increased by k1 and increase through the back loop, creating the pretty swirl pattern I thought would add a nice detail to the bottom of the cozy.
I'll probably make more for last-minute presents since it was such a fast, fun knit. There might even be one more for me since I'll be drinking a lot of coffee in the months to come!
As my study schedule gets crazier, it'll be nice to have a warm cup of something next to me. :)
Stay warm today, everyone! (especially fellow northerners: -2 F out right now, so waiting at the bus stop is going to be chilly this morning!)

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