Friday, July 23, 2010

And then it was sunny...

I was really good this week about making my list of things I had to get done on certain days, including research goals for my papers, looking at places for teaching next year and PhD land (possibly), writing and reworking the syllabus for Play Analysis, reading plays and writing lesson plans. Yet, as soon as I would get home, inevitably the wind would blow through my window just right and before I knew it...I was outside, slacklining or knitting and laying back to enjoy the sunshine. Reading pleasure books (still working on The Passage). Taking a moment to relax.
A small part of me felt guilty, but I also told myself that this year is going to be long and hectic, and it's better to sit back now and enjoy it. :)Besides, good things happen when I'm relaxing- for instance, I'm ridiculously close to being finished with the left sleeve of my cardigan:and I had time to go up the shore for camping and climbing last weekend, enjoying brats and corn grilled right over the fire. Tyler and I definitely got weird looks when we soaked our corn and chilled our wine in the stream that was by our campground:but it worked perfectly, and we had a tasty dinner before a night under the stars.Our main project on Monday was Laceration Jam- all 3 pitches of biting crack and nasty off-width. It was fun, but it beat the crap out of both of us, and despite taping my hands I'm covered all over my arms and legs with scratches and bruises. Damn offwidth climbing.
This weekend is hopefully more climbing, finishing my sleeve and starting the second, and perhaps some time with Cheryl early next week to look at my sewing machine- it's on the fritz and I'm not sure how to fix it. It's probably better that I don't... oops... :)

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