Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I hope everyone had a fantastic fourth of July weekend!
Mine was relaxing and fun- got to go out kayaking on my lake with friends, jet-skiing (and dropping people off the back end of the jet ski), and a fantastic night in Excelsior Bay Park listening to the Minnesota Orchestra play some classics- including my favorite, the 1812 Overture- before watching fireworks close out the night.
I'm going to need a few days to recover from a massive sunburn all over my back, but all in all a great time. :)
I was lucky enough to come home to a package from the amazing Larissa and Mark with a birthday surprise hidden inside!Beautiful yellow bamboo yarn!! It's super soft and sun-bright, and I can't wait to cast on something that's so bright and cheerful! A big shout out Thank you to the two of them! :)
Today I'm planning on making curtains for Tyler's room since he's coming back on Saturday night, which will be a good avoid-the-sun activity for me so my back can heal (we're talking lobster-red... fire-engine red... Fred and George Weasley's hair red). The end of the tunnel is in sight for the body of the Vivian cardigan, and I plan on finishing that and starting an arm within the next couple of days if the curtains are doing ok.
Biggest thing- try to survive the humidity.
I'm a northern Minnesotan girl, after all. 80 degrees and humid shut me down.
More ice cream, then? :)

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