Sunday, June 28, 2009

Another One Bites the Dust

...well, chalk dust that is, since that's what this bag is meant to hold. I'm pretty excited though- the chalk bag is completely finished and on its first run as we speak!I decided to model the chalkbag myself since I wasn't going on the inaugural climb this weekend (working at VE- blasted responsibilities!), but hopefully I can get some "action" shots at some point to post. :)As far as chalk bags go, this one is humungous. Instead of the standard one, you could probably fit five chalk balls comfortably in there- not kidding at all.I'm really happy with the finished product- fleece on the inside, canvas rim to hold the shape, a drawstring with runners on the inside, and pretty pretty garter stitch wrapping around the entire bag.You better believe I'm going to make one similar for myself- once I alter the pattern so it's not for giganto. I'll post the pattern too once I get a solid one written up and not just scattered notes all over the place.
Time to make dinner after a long day at work... toaster strudel, perhaps?

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