Thursday, June 11, 2009

Tomorrow! :)

I'm very excited to say that apparently I'm going to have internet capabilities in my apartment starting tomorrow. This is super exciting, because that means I can start blogging regularly again (with pictures!) as well as stay somewhat up-to-date on everything that's going on around me. Not that I'm fantastic at that anyway, but you know how it goes.
Updates lately: visited home, found out my cousin got engaged, saw the growing belly of my other cousin that warned me of the imminent deadline for another Elijah, forgot my computer cable at home (resulting in all this week not using my computer), signed up to swim .8 of a mile in the Brewhouse Triathlon August 2nd, had my first ballet classes with the MN ballet (and got my butt handed to me), and swam for training for the tri. Did laundry. Read a lot. Took some naps. Worked way too early in the morning. Didn't drink enough coffee. And listened to french verb conjugations on my iPod while shelving. Still haven't decided anything on next year yet, but Cheryl got me some of the book titles that I should order while I still have my extra employee discount through tomorrow. I have about a month yet to decide what I'm going to do before I absolutely have to sign up for classes, so I'm going to take that time to look around at as many options as possible.
Oh, and I managed to buy a tub of little cherry tomatoes because they're ridiculously tasty, and somewhere between the check-out at the grocery store and my fridge they disappeared. Not sure how. But now I have no little cherry tomatoes, and when you want something delicious to eat and they're not there, it's a little saddening...

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