Friday, July 11, 2014

Waiting for Duty

I spent most of my week with no plans, waiting to be called in for Jury Duty.
That didn't mean I didn't get to have fun, though!
About 4-5 years ago, my grad school friend Sara got married while I was on a climbing trip.  I wrote in her card (mailed from, I believe, Wyoming) that I "owed her a climb".  On Wednesday, after she contacted me and I found out I didn't have jury duty for the day, she decided she wanted to cash in on that climb!

It was waaaaaay too gorgeous to stay indoors, so I took a completely brand-new climber out to Shovel Point at Tettagouche State Park!

She was a little freaked about going over the edge the first time, but did a fantastic job on her first ever time out (real) rock climbing! :)  She got up a couple of climbs, enjoying the amazing views that Shovel offers.  One of the cool reasons to climb out there is that the climber lowers in from the top, and you climb directly over Lake Superior.  Pretty sweet, if you ask me. :)
I managed to even squeak in a couple of climbs, and we finished the day at Betty's Pies.

French Banana Creme = AWESOME.
The rest of the week has been a weird mixture of not actually planning anything, but trying to get a lot done when I find out my day is free.  I was able to spend a lot of time finishing the syllabus for both Comp I and Comp II next semester, and spent most of this morning finalizing the basic schedule for Comp I.

I think I went through 4 drafts before finally typing it in and printing it off to look for errors and where I need to change things.  I'm adding back in a Professional Writing Unit, which meant a fair amount of juggling.  While I love changing my Units and assignments around, it requires a fair amount of work- changing reading assignments, worksheets, homework, etc.  It's really cool though, and as a teacher it keeps me on my toes and lets me plan my classes exactly how I want them!
I've also been able to get down to the gym a couple of times to climb.  The weather has been spotty at times, including today.  Plus, as much as I prefer roped climbing over bouldering, I know that a few good sessions of bouldering at the gym is good for me.  Bleh.  :)

I'm trying to read more climbing lit, such as Maximum Climbing for mental strength and Freedom of the Hills to brush up on my technical skills.  It's sometimes difficult to read them, though- they make me just want to get out and climb, and I end up down at the climbing gym!
I also finished the first of the Tapestry Mitts, and promptly cast on for the second!

I love love LOVE how these are turning out!  I'm very loosely following the pattern for the Endpaper Mitts, though I'm using a different fair isle pattern that another knitter posted online.  I know I've been putting off all the Christmas Deer knitting I've been doing, but it's nice to have such immediate satisfaction with a project as gorgeous as this one.
This weekend- climbing with the ladies at Palisade tomorrow, and possible house and apartment hunting on Sunday.
Then Monday... back to calling and waiting...

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