Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A Rainy 4th

Hidey Ho, all!  I was going to post yesterday, but the onslaught of 90 degree weather made me a useless blob on the floor of my apartment (especially after the unfortunate decision to do hot yoga in the morning and a 4 1/2 mile run- super super bad idea).  Today is much better- a breeze is coming through the front window, I'm 2 cups of coffee deep, and I'm motivated to get some school stuff, chores, and writing done today!

(My friend Jesse sizing up a chill 5.10 for warmup)
My weekend was pretty full of 4th festivities- I started it off by a day of climbing at Sandstone Quarry with some awesome people.  I didn't get on anything crazy hard; it mostly felt good just to get outside and climb in the sunshine again!  Sandstone has an entirely new set of problems that were bolted last fall as a part the Minnesota Climber Association's efforts to clean up the park and work with the city to buy more land.  There's a bunch of new climbs and even some hard open projects that hopefully I'll work on before I head overseas and possibly send this fall! (Hopefully... maybe... perhaps...)
Scott and I headed up north for the weekend of the 4th, and enjoyed the festivities put on by his hometown of Tofte!

(Scott's little cousin and my awesome friend Kim and I enjoying the Fish Fry and booths outside the Tofte Fire Department!)

(Scott's Dad's side all pose with significant others during the evening barbacue)
The only mildly unfortunate side was the next day- Scott and I were planning on taking his little cousins out climbing (much to the chagrin of their parents), but then this hit:

which made the decision for the rest of the day- most of the family left, and the rest of us all snuggled in for the evening with a movie and a bottle of wine.  Scott and his brother took the time to plan this year's crazy Boundary Waters trek:

Notice the crazy amount of maps laid out of the BWCA?  They're thinking of doing 120 miles in 8 days- starting way up in Canada and paddling all the way back to Sawbill in MN.  Holy goodness.  I suppose one of the reasons I like him is because he's a little crazy like that... :)
We headed back to Duluth on Sunday morning, and this drive was a little different than others...

Maeby was howling so much in her kennel that Scott decided to let her out, and she enjoyed over half of the drive down looking out the window and wandering between his lap and down by his feet!  I was a little nervous to let her out while I was driving, but she was incredibly well-behaved, and stopped yowling once she could see where she was going!  It was really cute to see her in Scott's lap with her paws on the window and looking curiously out. :)
I worked more on the Pangolin Cowl and the Tapestry Mitts over the weekend, but not enough progress was made to warrant any pictures.  Hopefully the two of those will finish quickly- I have SOOOO many projects going and ideas in my head that I need to finish the projects I'm working on before starting others!  (And I HAVE to be good about that, or I'm going to have like 9 WIP just floating around... ooooh boy...)
Onward for today- lots of things to do!  I'm on call for Jury Duty this week (blurgh) so I'm trying to get as much done on the days I'm not called in as possible.  The nice thing is that if I am called in, I have plenty of knitting to work on while waiting around the court house.  Then we'll see some real progress on these projects... :)

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