Sunday, October 13, 2013

In Which I Make the Cats Hate Me

Last night I finally cast off on the head of the Milo Armadillo project.  This is the first stuffed animal I've knit where the pattern calls for the knitter to knit the piece flat, then seam it, stuff it, and attach each piece to the whole body as it's completed.
After knitting a whole bunch of stuffed animals not in this way, I find this particular method to be really time consuming and unappealing.  This, of course, made me not want to even finish the head, which is why it took so long.  Don't worry- I plan on knitting the rest of the armadillo in the round and pick up the stitches right off the body, for easy, efficient, stuff-as-you-go type of knitting.  Unfortunately, I had to finish the stupid head first.
When I cast off last night, I realized that the odd amoeba of a knit looked like a rather awkwardly-shaped hat.  One too small for my own head.
So what did I do?
I hunted down some kittens to show off my knitting!
I caught Maeby first, and had to enlist Scott's help to pin her down before we could get the Armadillo head/hat on her head.  She hated it.

When it was on, she bared her teeth and thrashed around and made a rather large fuss to let us know how much she absolutely and utterly abhorred wearing it, as well as how much she hated us for making her do it.
I rather like the picture I got of her in it.
I think it captures her quite nicely.
Albert was caught after Maeby got free, and I think he was too scared that something was on his head right away for him to do anything before I snapped a picture.

I think he looks like an old, wizened fortune teller. :)
Needless to say, Scott and were enjoying this whole debacle much more than the cats, and Maeby has been giving me a wide berth today whenever I'm near her.  I'm happy to be done with the head (despite the fact that I still have to seam it and stuff it tonight), and can start focusing on my crazy upcoming week.

(a picture from my walk along 4th street on Friday)
I leave for Kentucky immediately following my class on Wednesday, which means I have a lot of work to get done (not to mention packing, organizing, and choreographing) before I can relax on the car ride down.  One of my big concerns- what knitting do I bring for the large amount of car time?!

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