Saturday, October 26, 2013

FO: Fall Hat

My boyfriend Scott is in the excellent habit of wearing any and all goods that I knit for him.  I made him a hat eons ago, but really haven't made any for over a year, so with a lot of time in the car heading down to the Red River Gorge last week, I figured it was time to knit him one of a few for this year's chilly seasons.
I was originally going to give him 2 hats for Christmas, but this one was knit in fall colors, so I knew he had to have his Fall Hat as soon as possible!

Pattern: Jared Flood's (aka Brooklyn Tweed) Turn a Square hat (I believe this is the... 4th?  5th one I've made?)
Yarn: Cascade 220 for the beautiful deep crimson, and the awesome Noro Kureyon in colorway 263 for the variagated yarn striping band.
Needle: Size 7 bamboo, of course!
Time Frame: October 13-20, with pretty much the entire body of the hat knit on the 20th while blasting through Indiana, Illinois, and Wisconsin.
Modifications: The pattern calls for the hat to be knit 5 inches from the brim before starting the decrease, and I believe I knit a little over 5 1/2 inches, since Scott's head is rather large.  I also didn't use a smaller needle size for the brim as the pattern calls for; I stuck with size 7 needles the entire time.

Worst Part: Um.... nothing!
Best Part: Finishing the hat somewhere in Wisconsin, and having all my fellow lady climber friends want to try it on and requesting their own versions!  If we do indeed take a spring break trip down to the gorge, knitting a Turn a Square for each of them may be a prerequisite for going on the trip.  I feel like that would be a good surprise for all of them; plus, it will be a good stash-buster.  I have a lot of medium-sized balls of Cascade 220 that need finishing...


Mark said...

Your (Scott's) hat in 'fall colors' doubles nicely as UMD Bulldog colors. Scott seems to be far happier in your knit hats than Maybe was. Uhh... maybe it's Maebee? I forget. Dang cat should've learned to spell better, living in a house where you both have English degrees.

Mark said...

So I'd like to see Scott imitating both Maeby's 'odd' look and Albert's scared look, when he models your knit hats.