Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Cafe Cowl and Halloween

Besides finishing the fall hat, I got a little bit more knitting done on the trip!

I brought the Cafe Du Monde cowl with me for car knitting, because it's big needles, two skeins of fingering-weight yarn, and fairly easy repeats that allow me to chat with friends and even watch what's going on around me at the same time.

It got me through about 10 hours on the drive down to the Gorge, and I nearly finished the first ball of yarn before I had to take over the later shift of driving.  On the drive back, after finishing Scott's hat, two hours in traffic let me start on the second skein of the beautiful Three Irish Girls yarn.

Driving time has allowed me to continue to chug away on it.  It's strictly now "car knitting", since it's pretty much the only portable project I have, and with two months before Christmas, I have plenty of time (and long drives) ahead of me to finish this.  I used my tea mug in the above picture to show how big it is already, and that's a good 2/3 of the second skein left to go...
Not even worried. :)
In other news, Halloween celebrations are full-blown in my household!

Scott and I went to the Glensheen Spooktacular again this year with warm pumpkin lattes in hand, and were duly impressed by the amazing display put on!
Our own pumpkin-carving fun happened last weekend.

We put on the original "Ghostbusters" movie in the background for ambiance, and got to carving!

Scott's really good at not seeming terribly excited to start the entire pumpkin-carving process, but then goes for an elaborate design that usually trumps my little pumpkin.

I really like mine this year!  I finally grabbed one of those cheesy little pumpkin-carving knives from Target, and was exceedingly happy I did. It was a huge step up from using our large kitchen knives and butter knives, like we used last year... :)
We also discovered this year that our kitty Albert is a huge, HUGE fan of pumpkin!

Once he started eating little bits of pumpkin we dropped on the floor, he proceeded to lick our pumpkins whenever we took more than a minute break.  He enjoyed the little scraps after we cut a section of pumpkin out, and after we finished carving, he cleaned the little bits around the cuts.  I was almost worried he was going to attempt to eat my tree!
I'm excited to hand out candy tomorrow night and watch at least one scary movie in between grading.

Happy happy Halloween!! :)

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