Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday Night Relaxing

Duty Days at my college this year felt stressful.  Not in the, you're-in-trouble and need to fix things stressful, just the overhanging and impending throb of start-of-term nerves coupled with my need to keep everything organized.  I made to-do lists.  I made smaller to-do lists that went with a bigger item to my to-do list.  I put together binders for each of my classes this semester.  I proofed my syllabuses (syllabi?) for the fifteenth time before finally making stacks of copies.  I made sure that my Monday morning 8 am class was prepped, with handouts, a Prezi presentation, and a small start-of-term assignment.
I didn't even relax during meetings.  My hands stayed busy going round and round with two colors of yarn, churning out the majority of a hat, which, I have to admit, is turning out beautifully.

After my final hour in my office today (a space that is all mine, but still bare of comforts minus some climbing posters), I picked up Scott from work and came home.
And relaxed.
Scott's been napping on the couch for the past two hours (to be fair, he's coming off of a cold and sore throat).  I read Atonement for awhile, had some snacks, and even sunk to the kitchen floor to snuggle with Albert for awhile when he rubbed up against my shins.

I have all weekend to finish organizing the climbing gear bins, review my lesson plans for the later part of the first week, train for my upcoming fall climbing trip, and start searching for the perfect tap competition songs.
For tonight, I'm going to sit with a mug of tea, a book, and feel the cool breeze coming in the windows.  Inklings of fall are licking steam from my mug.  For tonight, however, I'm going to enjoy the last bit of summer while it's still here.
Oh, and here's a kitten butt shot- just for fun. ;)

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Mark said...

The "Read One" portion doesn't get a lot of blog space, & given all the texts we've had on 'Game of Thrones' series, how is it that 'Atonement' makes it into your blog, but those books do not?