Sunday, August 25, 2013

FO: Heather's Star Hat

The heat woke me this morning at 6 am.  Instead of lying in bed, waiting for it to go away, I got up, made coffee, and finished the top of Heather's Star Hat.  A (short) walk by Chester Creek this morning allowed for pictures!

Pattern: Heather's Broken Star Hat by Susan Anderson-Freed, from her awesome book Nordic Knitting Traditions!
Yarn: Black was Brown Sheep Wildfoote Luxery Sock Yarn, and the pink was unfortunately without the tag.  I have a tiny feeling it was Lorna's Laces, but don't quote me on that.
Needles: Knit on my Grandma's old metal pink size 2 DPNs. 
Timeframe: May 25th-August 25th
Modifications: None
Worst Part: This might sound silly, but the intimidation factor on this one was pretty high.  I screwed up on the last pattern I made from this book, so I was really nervous I was going to skip a step or my tension was going to be too tight or something was going to go wrong.  It had to... right?
Best Part: Taking the picture after completing that middle section and realizing that yes, I really did just knit that, and it didn't turn out like crap. :)  I'm also pretty excited to send this off to my fantastic friend Heather in Denmark for her Christmas present!

Scott and I spent part of yesterday sorting and cleaning our climbing gear...
all of it.  It was amazing to lay it all out and realize how much we had... how dirty it was... and how nice it became after a thorough cleaning.  Scott retired a couple of his cams and a few wallnuts, but otherwise all of our gear is in really good shape.  I got down to the climbing gym to train in the air conditioned bouldering cave, and with 8 weeks until my fall trip to the Red River Gorge, I'm going to have to train like crazy to get to an awesome fitness-place to do really well down there.  I spent time writing up a fitness plan, including running, yoga, and 3-4 days per week of climbing.  I may try to hold myself accountable on this blog, so bear with me on that.  
The temperature is already creeping into the high 80's this morning, and I know we're supposed to hit above 90 today, so I'm off to find AC with my friend Celeste, and I believe Scott and I are going to catch a movie tonight.  It's my last day before classes begin tomorrow morning at my college- bright and early at 8 am!  I'm sure I'll have my nervous first-day jitters tonight, but for now I'm trying not to think of it, and enjoy languishing around a little bit.  
In 90-degree heat, I feel like you can't do a whole lot else...


Mark said...

Where do retired cams go to retire? & If you can't find AC, just take a dip in Lake Superior!

Mark said...

Shouldn't you warn Heather (perhaps right in your blog) not to look at her Christmas present?

Katie said...

Dad- she picked out which hat she wanted, so she knows what it's going to look like already! :)