Friday, April 5, 2013


I'm really liking this whole Fridays-off thing with my teaching schedule right now.  It gives me more time to get projects done, do some grading, and still hang out with the kittens.  I have a lot of need-to-finish things that are on a schedule- for instance, sewing fringe on parasols for my Platinum tap competition line!

My ladies are dancing to "The Nuttycracker Suite" from the musical Thoroughly Modern Millie, with heels, cute little mint skirts, button-up shirts, and of course, parasols.

I knew the plain white ones needed a little fringe, so my morning was spent with some CSI episodes and coffee while I basted almost 10 yards of beaded fringe on.  Not terribly thrilling, but needed to be done.  And it's gonna look pretty stinkin' cute, in my opinion. :)
The Dude Sweater is slowly but surely coming along.

I'll be happy once I'm out of the stuff I have to concentrate on, and back into solid-color land.  I'm always so worried about any fair isle, because I've had some problems with tension in the past.  A long time ago, I thought fair isle was absolutely the place to go, but as I've done more projects I realized that I enjoy knitting cable and lace much more (good thing, too, or the Snowflake Shawl would have been tossed in a fire bin loooong before its completion).  I'm out the Dude's colors with a pair of fingerless mitts- my (extra) early start on Christmas gifts for 2013.  May as well start now, right?
Speaking of projecting, I have a major project I'm embarking on this week- the 12-week training program for my half-marathon!  I'm signed up, the date is staring at me from a couple months away, and today's run calls for 3 miles.  I'm pretty optimistic, despite the chilly temps.  And the fact that I haven't really run in awhile.  Since, like, October.
::ahem::  ...wish me luck?  :)

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