Monday, December 10, 2012

Winter Hath Dumpeth

It was a busy end of the week for me.  After dance, working on grading the presentations for my comp students, and a stint up to Tofte to visit Scott's Mom for some Tofte Christmas fun, it was nice to get back on Saturday night to get groceries and prepare ourselves for the promised snow.

We woke up to the entire world glowing white in the morning, and coffee in a warm mug with pajamas and slippers never felt so good.  While it continued to snow the entire day, we holed up in our little apartment, happy to occasionally meet up for hot chocolate throughout the day.  
Scott's projects and homework and studying for the last week of class and finals week kept him busy all day, while I enjoyed the calm before my storm of end-of-semester grading that looms for me very soon.  I was able to really dig in to the snowflake shawl project, finishing the not-so-nice fourth snowflake background and pounding out the fifth before I called it a night.
Albert kept me company the entire day yesterday, snuggling right up next to me and interrupting his naps only for food.  The difficult life of a kitten...
I'm (barely) on schedule for getting these backgrounds knit.  I have to make four this week and four next week in order to have all of the backgrounds done before I can leave for a week in Florida with a good conscience.  Today after teaching I'll cast on for the sixth background, and hopefully get nice and far on that before running off to dance.  
I couldn't help but to stop and lay them all out this morning for a happy little admiration session.  Trying to imagine a little over twice as many snowflakes laid out gave me a scary urgency feeling in my stomach, so I put them away and tried not to think about the looming deadline...

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