Monday, December 17, 2012

Finals Week

It's the beginning of finals week for Lake Superior College, and it's finals week for me in more than one way.
Sunday was the Holiday Concert for the dance studio I teach at, and I had all of my tap dancers onstage at once to perform the "Shim Sham Shimmy"!

Ages ranged from 4th grade through adult tappers, which was fantastic to see.  I love a big tap dance number, and this is the one time a year I can have everyone do one at once.  I participated as well- you can see me in my red dress and Whoville-like hat on the far right.
This week is the final week of dance before a two week break, which gives me some much-needed time to do some hardcore choreographing and lesson planning.
Besides dance, this is my final week for grading.  My students will be turning in their final research papers on Tuesday, and I'll be spending the rest of the week grading and submitting grades.  Today I'll be grading any late work my students turn in before the barrage begins tomorrow.
This is also my final week to really nail all the snowflake backgrounds before I head off on my vacation.  I'm 7 3/4 snowflake backgrounds in- a little over halfway, and behind schedule (surprise surprise).  Scott's brother and girlfriend came down to visit us this weekend, and besides a trip to see "The Hobbit" in theaters (really well done, in my opinion!), Kim and I were able to hang out and knit while the boys did their boy things together.

It was fantastic to get Kim addicted to knitting with squishy and amazing yarn, and we had fun absorbing girl movies and hanging out!
I'm going to work my butt off on getting as much of these snowflakes done as possible over the next week.

My goal is to complete ALL the snowflake backgrounds (ALL- seriously.  Really.) before I head down to Florida.  This is mostly because after I return, I'll have only two days to graft the snowflakes together, knit the giant edging on, and block the whole thing before the wedding on January 5th.  So the only way to avoid a complete breakdown is to have the bulk of the work finished NOW.  I'm not going to think about what would happen if the snowflakes weren't finished, because that's not an option, time-wise.  Really.  (Well, it is if I don't sleep, but that's probably not a great idea...)
Between the snowflakes, dance, packing for FL, and grading finals, I'm going to have my hands very full.  Here's crossing my fingers that I can get everything DONE before Sunday.
Who knew that finals week would still be this stressful?

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