Thursday, December 13, 2012


Sunday was a great day for the Snowflake Shawl.  I got caught up to where I wanted to be, and I even picked up the stitches for the sixth snowflake background, saving me a headache when I started on it the next night.
Then Monday came.  A doctor's appointment in the morning, Christmas shopping, then work to teach, and straight to dance at night.  I had hopes I would get halfway through the sixth snowflake, but I didn't even touch it when I staggered in the door at 10 pm after 4 hours of dance.
Tuesday night was open- in theory, I would have completed my grading, and would only be distracted by a delicious burrito dinner with Scott.  Instead, after dinner we snuggled under Christmas lights with Big Bang Theory and a couple of beers (for him) and a mug of hot chocolate and Bailey's (for me).  We slowed down, got to actually talk a bit, laughed, and enjoyed each other's company without the distractions of homework or grading or anything else.  It was very much needed, considering how busy we've both been with finals week.  But again- no snowflakes.
I was going to do some last night- really, I was!  Yoga was finished by 7, I was home and showered by 7:40, and instead... I choreographed.  I went on Pinterest.  I played with the cats.  Then at 10:30, I went in to bed and read Anna Karenina.  I was completely and utterly unproductive in relation to the snowflakes.  No- I failed at the snowflakes (Even typing that gives me the willies- I don't fail anything if I can help it, but I need to be harsh in these desperate times).
Even worse, that puts me farther behind.  I need to have 4 more snowflake backgrounds done by Sunday night to stay on target for my timeline.  A timeline that was made for my own benefit, so when I get back from Florida I'm not in total snowflake hell for the 3 days prior to Kim's wedding (3 days in which I'm supposed to graft the snowflakes and knit the edging of the shawl, so 3 days that are already planned out).
I push my students to make timelines, deadlines, and work with them- and then I guiltily don't follow my own (good) advice for my own projects.  Fail.
I'm home from dance tonight around 9:15.  I will stick in Gilmore Girls (my ultimate weapon for intense knitting) and knock out at least half of the next snowflake before bed.  My will be done.  Come ye, come ye.    Determination of steel.
All right, enough of that.
But seriously.  It has to happen.

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