Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Halloween is by far my favorite holiday, and I always make sure to do it up in style!
On Sunday we went to the Glensheen Mansion, our local haunted historic turn-of-the-century spooky place, for their "Glensheen Spooktacular".

Paths around the mansion were lined with hundreds of pumpkins, and guests are led through the house where there are musicians screeching on violins and actors hacking at pumpkins and being creepy.  You end up in front of the mansion, where fires are lit and smores are passed out by the workers.

Scott and I both grabbed Pumpkin coffees before checking it out, and it was really fun to spend time with each other while we got to check it out!
Last night Scott and I took some time to carve pumpkins, putting on "Sleepy Hallow" in the background as our scary movie of choice.
Albert really wanted to help the entire time:

and he displayed a new love for pumpkin when he ate all the little bits that fell his way!  Silly kitten.
I forgot to grab all the special little pumpkin-carving knives when I left Berkshire for the new place, so our designs had to be simple enough to carve with a giant kitchen knife and a butter knife.

I think we did fairly well! :)
I'm about to head off to LSC dressed in a black skirt, knee-high black and orange striped socks, T-strap black heels, and an orange pumpkin shirt.  You better believe I'm excited to be decked out for class and meetings today!
Tonight will be handing out candy, grading, and then knitting to "The Nightmare Before Christmas".  I know I'm pretty excited. :)

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