Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fall Wedding

I feel like fall is just slipping by.  In a couple of weeks, the tree in our front yard went from full foliage to almost completely bare.  I've been pumpkin-flavoring every coffee drink possible, and my morning runs require not just a long sleeve but a softshell jacket to protect me from the wind.
Fall is also the time for beautiful and amazing weddings!
One of my oldest friends from grade school tied the knot a couple weekends ago in a very low-key but classy way.

Heather and I have known each other since probably kindergarten, and we have so many inside jokes and stories and good times together that being there for her wedding was nothing but a fun ride from beginning to end.

Heather and Thomas were legally married a few days before the "reception", and instead of a flowery ceremony, they opted for their dads to say some words before they each exchanged a heartfelt and intimate vow on what the other person meant to them.  For these two, it was perfect!
For me, it was a break from work, dance, and climbing to spend time with my two favorite ladies.

These two have seen me through thick and thin, and I can't wait for a girl's weekend in a few weeks to spend some quality time knitting, eating, gossiping, watching classic movies and just enjoying ourselves!

I did bring that one guy with me, even though he spent most of the weekend and the car ride back reading about computer processors (I think).  I was happy to score at least one dance with him- we definitely confused people when we slow-danced to a fast song, but we like to break the mold. ;)
I was able to finish the first mitten for a Christmas present on the ride down, and hopefully today I'll cast on for the second.  It's hard not to write too much about my knitting projects, as most of them are gifts for possible readers of the blog.  I'm still having trouble finding time for knitting with everything else I have going on, but as the first snowflakes fall from the sky (since we get snow sporadically during October this far north) I'm feeling the pressure that Christmas brings on... and too many commitment projects... oops...

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Mark said...

Nice to see how great Heather looked for her big day. She's so cool. What is the problem about discussing processors? I have a spreadsheet of all historical processors (full range from supercomputers to mainframes to personal computers to games), because nobody every compares them, so I did my own (plus I knew many details most don't know, related to geometries etc). So Scott is way cool too!