Thursday, August 9, 2012

FO: Fall Colors

It's been crazy since being back in Duluth.  After being at my parent's house for a few days to relax and catch up before their big move, Scott and I had a friend's wedding to attend, a trip up north to pick up our kittens, and I started teaching dance camp a day after we finally got home to Duluth.  I also start teaching in a few weeks, meaning I have to put together my syllabus and class schedules and assignments before teacher meetings start.  So much to do, and it all feels a little overwhelming after a month on the road.
In the midst of this, I was attempting to kick-start my project for the Ravellinics!  I was originally going to do the Dude sweater, but my yarn didn't come in on time (plus I was out-of-state for the start of the games) so I picked up my Lavender Cardigan when I got back in Duluth and went to town in the "WIP Wrestling" competition.  I'll update on that next post, since I wanted to post first about one of my finished trip projects, the Fall Color gloves for my neighbor!

Pattern: Oak Grove by Alana Dakos
Yarn: Three Irish Girls Adorn Sock, in the incredible Kieran colorway
Needles: Size 2 bamboo, but I wish I would have gone down to size 1
Barter/Gift? Gift!  I was supposed to save it for Christmas, but what better time to wear fall colors with oak leaves than in the fall?
Mods: None

Time Frame: I cast on probably July 9th, somewhere in the middle of South Dakota, and actually finished on our way home through South Dakota on the 27th!
Worst Part: My purls are still really loose, and the gloves aren't as tight and snug on her hands as I was hoping that they'd be.  I'm still trying to fix this problem- either I purl one way and the stitch is twisted and too tight, or I purl the other way and it's too loose.  I can't win. :(
Best Part: The colors!  I must have been seriously deprived of color over the winter when I originally bought this yarn.  Good thing there's plenty left to maybe make my own pair of fingerless mitts... :)

I had another Christmas project on the needles that's well on its way to being finished...

but it's currently on hold as I furiously knit my sweater.  I have a feeling that my late late late start this year in the Ravellinics- plus the difficulty in finding time to knit with my schedule now- means I may not finish the sweater in time for the closing ceremonies.  Actually, it's pretty safe to say that it probably won't get done.  I'm going to try my hardest, but there's a lot of knitting to be done yet.  Bleh.
More soon, as I get settled back home and figure out what life is going to hold for me over the next few months.  At least I feel much more healed than when I first came out of the mountains... 

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