Monday, August 15, 2011

Vivian- so close...

I woke up this morning with the whole day ahead of me to get things done, and after a run, a breakfast burrito, and some cleaning, I sat down with the ghost of Christmas past to finally do the last knitting parts of a project that should have been done eons ago- the Vivian sweater!
I ended up having to leave for Yosemite before I could sew the top of the hood together, so today I grafted that, sewed the underarms together, and put it in a nice hot bath to soak:
before I set it out in the sun for some blocking!
I am ridiculously excited that this project is so close to being done- last touches are going to include a zipper and a ribbon on the inside before I can finally get some pictures and call this one good. It's been awhile, too- I started this thing last year at the beginning of May. I knit most of it before fall even arrived, but it kept getting put off for other things (birthday presents, Christmas presents, etc). I finally get to be a teeny bit selfish and finally finish up something just for me!
The rest of this afternoon, I'll be cleaning, organizing, purging lots and lots of stuff, and as a treat I plan on going to go see the new movie "The Help" with a friend. It's a good girl's night movie, and I've been racing through the book the last couple days in the hopes (dashed) that I'll finish it (won't) before the movie tonight. It'll still be a good time. :)
Now here's hoping I'll find a nice zipper to match that sweater as I sort through my craft stuff... hmmm...

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Cole said...

What a beautiful sweater!! I love the color