Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Cold Spell

It's getting close to transition time.
Yesterday my hair was sticking to the back of my neck, heavy on my shoulder bones when I do anything more than sit still. Two small blond strands curl at my temples, disobeying the linear fall of the rest of my hair. All I could do was lay on the cool wood planks in the living room, sipping margaritas and dreaming of breezes and snow.
This morning, light barely peeked through misty clouds, and a cold breeze snuck in my wide open window trying to freeze me under polka-dotted cotton sheets. Hot coffee felt good instead of overheating me. My jeans were stiff when I tried to pull them up over my hips, unfamiliar and heavy on my calves. My feet feel trapped and stifled when I put on cotton socks for the first time in months. I drank my coffee by the open window, glad for the chill and the breeze that cooled the tip of my nose.
The sudden change instigates tendrils of urgency. Projects loom up that need to be done for fall, welcome and unwelcome. Fall means my exams- studying, stress, six hours of writing and an hour and a half of defense. Hopefully triumph and a celebration with wine and good food after.
Fall also means Fall birthday knitting and the start of Christmas knitting projects. Roommates roll their eyes as my pile of yarn gets higher on my craft table, and templates for sewing projects begin to be tacked to the wall. I bend over the design for a quilt made of old tshirts from high school band, college climbing competitions, and family vacations. I have to make sure I don't drip cream cheese dip from my apple slices on the knitting for a birthday present- white, sparkly, and so soft I want to fall asleep nestled next to it. You're going to like this one- the silver will highlight that happy love glow I see so often in your eyes.
Tomorrow is a new month, and I can't help but to be impatient for it.

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