Saturday, August 20, 2011

FO: Stockholm Scarf

Earlier this week I sat down with some sun and some coffee and finished up a present for one of the fall brides I'm knitting for.
The result is a beautiful, light, squishy cowl that I'm excited to give her today!
Yarn: Classic Elite Yarns Fresco in a beautiful dark red
Needles: size 10
Made For: Sarah- she's getting married Sept 24th, and I'm playing the violin music for the wedding!
Timeline: August 2nd through August 18th
Modifications: None, though next time I'll cast on 252 stitches instead of 256
Worst Part: Probably realizing after I got back from my trip that I had to crank this out... fast!
Best Part: Easily the yarn. SOOOOO squishy, so light, so soft and beautiful. Easily going to buy this again. I wish there was more yardage per skein (expensive) but it's so worth it.
I'm definitely going to use this yarn again, and I'm excited to give this to the bride!

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