Sunday, August 15, 2010


I won't have to worry about balancing so much.
For instance...
- Creating a course which I found out I'll be teaching come fall semester. September 7th is go time not only in taking a class, but trying out teaching my class on new students. I finished my syllabus and my tentative calender, now onto creating my class website and finalizing the handouts for the writing assignments. Then lesson plans. Uff-da...
- Researching where I'm going next year. Right now I'm trying to decide between using my Masters degree to teach at a smaller community college somewhere out west, enjoying probably more outdoor time and more time to breath and relax with friends and family; or applying to some of the amazing English PhD programs farther east (and in the north, of course), which would keep me poorer longer and researching more than teaching (probably), but I would have my advanced degree sooner.
- Finishing time-sensitive projects- such as adapting this pattern (which is in Finnish) into English and making it into a legwarmer pattern for my friend Larissa's wedding on October 3rd. She's a magnificent dancer, and requested legwarmers to wear under her wedding dress on the big day. I also want to have my Vivian cardigan done by the time school starts (and maybe the Seneca, since it's so ruddy close to being done).
- Create a rough idea of my lesson plans for teaching tap this coming year at the local studio, as well as finding music for and choreographing three separate dances for Competition by late November, early December.
- Researching and completing my first Plan B project- my research paper- before the first week in October when it's due. Then writing a prospectus to turn in to the Society related to my topic for a conference next summer.
- Studying for the GRE- again. Yes, I know that I hee-hawed all last year about taking that stupid test, but if I'm serious about going to the bigger colleges, I have to have a competitive score. Mine was not competitive (well, the writing portion was, but I can't go on one score). A lot of colleges require the literature specific GRE as well, so more studying. All within the next couple of months here (lovely).
- Studying French for my language test, probably right around Christmas break.
There's (scarily) more, but those are the big things on my plate right now. Which is why I haven't been on here lately. Plus when I do a row or two on the Vivian, it takes a lot longer than I care to admit, and there's not a ton of discernible difference then the last picture I posted.
Off to suck down some more coffee (BEEEEEST FRIEND RIGHT NOW!!!) and hope that we're not too busy at the gym today so I can get some progress made on above list.

More relaxing and fun post next time, I promise... :)

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