Sunday, August 1, 2010

Connecting and the Brewhouse Triathlon

It's been a very busy tail end of the week for me.First, Cheryl and I had a great hang-out day where we both picked up our summer knitalong- our Vivian cardigan- and chatted while we worked on it. I was to the point of connecting the arms to the body, which I did only semi-awkwardly and with great excitement!
Connecting the sleeves is always one of my favorite parts of a sweater, because it's finally at a point where it looks like the finished project. It's no longer a blob of color- it has shape, parts, and it makes me feel like I will actually finish it in a reasonable amount of time (aka soon!).Besides knitting achievements, this morning was a physical achievement for me as well- the annual Brewhouse Triathlon came around again, and my same team from last year- the beautiful Sam and Christine- came together to form Team Awesome to compete in the relay! This morning opened up mid-70's and super humid, so it was a little harder for me than last year when the temperature and humidity were both down. I was the bike portion of my relay team, biking 22 miles in an hour and 13 minutes flat- one minute less than last year! (Weird, since I didn't train at all for this, and the weather was gross)The above picture you can see me in the bright blue shirt, raising my arm to our swimmer, Christine, for her to come tag me so I could start my bike (she's in the bright blue swimming suit). We had a lot more teams in the all-female Relay teams to go against this year- 12 total- and we came in a respectable 6th. It seems like a lot more of the higher-placing teams this year were hardcore athletes that did this as their one hobby. We still had a lot of fun, and I was really excited to be able to do it with these inspiration ladies once again! I can't wait till next year- though they're trying to talk me into doing the short course, which would be my full triathlon- all 3 events.
Me, running?
We'll have to see about that one.


Samantha said...


Also - you can totally do it! Have I thrown Couch to 5K at you, yet?

The short course run is only 2.6 miles!

Thea said...

Awesome team name :)

I like your cardi, it's a great color too.