Monday, August 23, 2010

Mental Retreat

After the craziness that has been August so far, it was almost a relief to have to come down to the Twin Cities to help my Mom after knee reconstruction surgery. She can't move at all, which means that in between her naps I make meals, grab magazines, water, ice packs, and movies as needed for her. It's giving me a chance to make study schedules for GRE tests, finish my class website and get some reading and revising done for one of my big research papers.
Yesterday I was able to attend the bridal shower for this lovely lady:I don't get down to the cities nearly enough to hang out with old friends, so seeing Larissa and Mark again was amazing and too short. I even got to visit their new apartment in Uptown- a small but cozy and beautifully done apartment that they've really made a home.
While I'm down here, I've been able to work on both of the sweaters I'm trying to finish before school begins. I started the shoulder cable work during Mamma Mia last night on the Seneca sweater, and today worked on the Vivian during my Mom's morning physical therapy sessions at the clinic. Cheryl apparently is a zipper away from being finished with her Vivian, so to finish the KAL before school is me getting my butt in gear. Depending on how much I get done while down here, it might be a race to the finish between the two sweaters...
I'm off to escape the heat in the basement for some studying. Maybe a quick dip in the lake later this afternoon after paddling to get my blood flowing (no climbing down here- booo!), then more studying and knitting this evening.
Not back in Duluth till late Tuesday night... ::sigh::


Samantha said...

The Cities have a couple VEs, don't they?

Katie said...

One that's over an hour from my house. :( It's ok, I'm climbing tomorrow :-D Can't wait to see you, Sam!! :)