Wednesday, October 7, 2009


The last couple of weeks have been a hectic mess for me, and I'm sorry I haven't written.
Luckily, a lot of good stuff came about.
I settled more towards a subject for my Grad School Theory class- I'm looking at adaptations of literature and novels into drama and then onto the stage. Specifically one book (Great Gatsby) into one script written specifically for one show (performed in '06 by the Guthrie). I'm very excited about my choice, and especially about my subject matter. Excited enough that I'm looking into PhD programs for this tract- called "Performance Studies", and thus far I've found it exclusively taught at NYU and Northwestern. More on that when I figure out more, but it looks pretty promising.
I have had a lot of Barnes and Noble, then school, then VE late then homework the past couple of weeks, and not much time for other things. For example, the only knitting I've done was to start the short row heel on the ridiculous socks for Sam- and that was just today, mostly. I can't believe how much time constraint I have had.
There was time to hang out with some pretty special ladies, though.Dani, Lust and Kimmy came up last weekend to go to an old friend's wedding and crash at my place of residence. We had big shopping day on Friday, a stay-up-late awesome girl's night on Friday night, a true Scandinavian breakfast on Saturday, Pizza Luce on Sunday, helping me not fall apart on Sunday night, and topped it off with Uncle Loui's on Monday morning before Dani had to fly out back to Vermont. I haven't seen those girls forever (Dani especially) so it was amazing to be able to hang out with all of them again. It was exactly what I needed.
This week has been stressful until yesterday, and from tomorrow onward it's going to be smooth sailing. My parents are bringing my NEW CAR up Friday afternoon, and then they're going to help me organize, clean, and decorate my cleaned-out and messy apartment this weekend (believe me, my Mom is excited for the decorating part). It'll be a nice chance for me to hang out with them, and I'll probably treat them out to a local Mexican favorite- Hacienda Del Sol. A little more expensive, but worth it.
Hopefully I'll have redecorating pictures up soon, along with some projects that I've kept in the dark for awhile once I get some stuff figured out. ;)
Off to do more reading homework now (it never ends... which is good!) and a nice cuppa tea before bed.
Cheers, all :)