Monday, September 28, 2009

More Towards Fixed

It's amazing how everything feels like it's falling apart, then a couple of friends step in with kind words and distractions and things don't feel so overwhelming. For instance, I was taken bowling by some of my friends on Sunday night when I had been stressing all weekend over two papers and a presentation. They said I needed a break, and I did. This included 5 games of bowling, pepperoni pizza, bowling-alley-beer, and onion rings.It was just what I needed. I even broke 100 once!
I had a couple calls and messages from amazing friends (thanks lovely Larissa!), and hugs from those closer by (which we all know are important). I have 3 amazing ladies visiting me this weekend for a girl's weekend, and that helps me look through the long week ahead.
One of the best things though, I have to admit, was getting a message from a present I made a long time ago for a friend. Remember Elijah the elephant, made for the not-yet-born little baby girl?Apparently "Elmer" is now Lucy's favorite toy.
I almost can't deal with how adorable this picture is. It's so nice to know that something I made is going to be loved.
Makes the whole rest of the crappy stuff go away pretty fast. :)

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Christina said...

Aw, that is a really adorable picture. =)