Saturday, October 24, 2009

How I Spend a Friday Night

After recovering (I thought) from the flu, I went back into full studying and work and dancing mode this last week. My cough that had lingered from the flu got worse and worse, and it wasn't until I went into the doctor that I got diagnosed with Bronchitis for the second time in my life. I was supposed to go down to the cities for a Wedding Fair with the amazing Larissa, and now I have to spend the weekend at home, in bed, taking stuff to keep the inflammation of my throat down. If I take it easy I was told it would be over soon, but I'm still very unhappy to be out of commission two weekends in a row. Boo!
Last night I rebelled a little and decided to do something productive with my time. Or rather, 43 productive things with my time.
I had some Halloween-esque cupcake holders and two boxes of cake mix I got awhile ago, and I decided to have a crazy Friday night and make as many cupcakes as I could, frost them with orange frosting, and sprinkle with black and purple and ghost sprinkles. :)
Armed with tissues, Halloween (the original) on TV and enough tea to sink an ore boat, I set out to have a night that was relaxing and hopefully help me to not feel as terrible that I was missing things this weekend. Luckily, I had help in the shape of a Tyler!He was in for the night, sick with both cold and just getting over flu so I was in good company. It was a ton of fun, sprinkles got all over everything and I enjoyed the original Michael Myers slicing everyone to pieces. I'm thinking about doing a Halloween marathon Sunday night if I'm done with homework and am staying awake all right.
One last story- we didn't have any eggs for the cake mix, so we had to run real quick to the Co-op to get some in my car since it was raining buckets outside. On the way out I suppose I was really distracted between the rain and getting the keys out and a coughing fit and stuff on my mind and I yanked opened the door of my car... right into my forehead. If you look closely at the picture above you can see the goose egg forming on the left side of my head, and this morning it's nice and blue and big with a gash in the middle. I always hurt myself doing stupid things, and now I have to tell people I opened my car door too violently into my own head.
Maybe I'll make up a different story to explain this one...
At least I have lots of delicious cupcakes to help me get over this one...

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