Saturday, September 19, 2009

It's Over Between Us

Dear Inside Out Sock,
From the moment I saw you, I was excited to create you to encompass my foot. Your sleek design displayed on Knitty was gorgeous, and seemed like a simple design that flew off my needles when I started. We had such a good thing going, and then... then you decided to get difficult.Now, I'm not saying it was all your fault. We both know of my short attention span and ability to put down (sock) problems to sit patiently until I feel like dealing with them, but usually with a little bit of concentration and help from friends I can push through the difficulties to achieve a happy end result all around.
I wanted us to work. I tried quite a few times to get past parts in the pattern that I just didn't understand or was having trouble getting, and I even took you off the needles just to try you on and feel like we were doing well together. You fit really well and looked super pretty!But, ultimately, I don't think it was meant to be. I'm sorry that we couldn't figure it out. There was so much potential. I took you off the needles (and my heart!) in a way that there is a possibility you could come back, but after that bad late night that resulted in lots of cookie dough and milk and cereal I don't think we can take any more.
I like you, but it's over.

Oh, and PS- That green yarn on my needles right now- not replacing you. It's just... keeping the needles warm... while you hibernate...

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