Thursday, July 9, 2015

FO: U of M Socks

I'm heading down to visit family this weekend in the Twin Cities, but I wanted to squeak in a quick post about an FO that I've had done for awhile- a pair of University of Minnesota colored-socks for one of my graduating dancers!

Pattern: #9728 Beginner Socks from Knitting Pure and Simple
Yarn: Cascade 220 worsted-weight in Maroon and Gold :)
Needles: Size 6 bamboo DPN's

Mods: Lots, but mostly minor ones for color and to get the colored short-row heel that I wanted.  To get the color sequence to look like old-school athletic socks, here's my notes:
5 rounds of K1P1 
K5 rounds in base color 
K3 rounds of color 2 
K2 rounds of base color 
K5 rounds of color 2 
K2 rounds of base color 
K3 rounds of color 2 
Then back to base color for the remainder of the leg. 
I did a short-row heel instead of the heel asked for in the pattern in color 2, and also used color 2 when I began the toe decreases.
Worst Part: Not finishing these in time for the special performance.
Best Part: This is one of those fun times when I'm pretty sure she'll enjoy these the most when she's hanging out in her dorm room, and hopefully a glance at her feet brings back happy tap-dancing memories. :)

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