Saturday, November 15, 2014

Social Media Follows!

I'm finally starting to get ahold of this whole connected-through-social-networks things.  For instance, you can follow me through Bloglovin now:
Follow my blog with Bloglovin
Got that one figured out this morning.  BAM.  After Google Reader kicked the bucket almost a year ago, I transferred all my blog-reading to Bloglovin.  It's a really fantastic site, and as much as I liked Google Reader, I like Bloglovin even more.
Like random pictures of cats, climbing, and knitting?
I'm on Instagram, too.  Big fan.  Not a great photographer, but I'm trying.
I'm also on Pinterest a lot.
Like, a lot.
I have the app on my phone, and it's so easy to get sucked in to when I'm waiting for something or trying to get dressed in the morning or want to get teaching, knitting, or climbing inspiration.  You can find my page here if you want to follow me, but be warned- I post a lot of climbing stuff, bad grammar cartoons, recipes, and my own weird inspiration of clothing (I follow the teacher/hobo/attempting to look like a grown-up type of fashion trends).
Going along with all that (whooooa), one of my goals for 2014 was to attempt to update this site.  It's pretty basic, and as a teacher in the 21st century, I feel like it's woefully lacking the links, pictures, and other cool stuff that I could do.  So if you see things moving around or changing, don't be alarmed.  My computer and account were not hacked- I am simply attempting to learn more about this platform (fancy tech word right there!  Scott will be proud) and how I can make it more visually appealing. For instance, my picture to the right in the "about me" is from 2007.  Uffda.
All right, I'll shut up about changes.
To make up for the horrendous self-promotion, here's a picture of Albert after he stuck his face in the kitty litter like an ostrich because I walked in on him in the bathroom and he got scared:

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