Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Halloween Shenanigans

No blog is complete without the obligatory Halloween post (especially since it's my favorite holiday)!  Scott was moaning and groaning that I put up decorations waaaay before the two-weeks-before-the-holiday point, but I was simply too excited. :)
We did the pumpkin carving night while watching Nightmare Before Christmas (which is our tradition!)...

and let Albert eat all the pumpkin he wanted, as this is the only time of year he gets it.
Albert's our veggie kitty.  He's happy to eat cooked zucchini, carrots, raw pumpkin, even a lettuce leaf if it's dropped on the floor.  Maeby won't touch any of that, but Albert noms like it's his job!

(Notice how Scott was inspired by my Tshirt?  Pretty awesome!)
The pumpkins looked good on our stoop, and they (surprisingly) didn't get launched and smashed by the plethora of college students that live near us.

We also participated in the obligatory couples costume that comes with being together at Halloween.  I painted logos on shirts for us to be Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl!

We looked pretty stylin'. :)
I got a lot of grading done over the weekend, which meant less climbing time, but a lot done on the checklist.  It feels like every time I hand back a big batch of papers that I've graded, 100 more come in.  It's a never-ending cycle, and not a good one like bottomless coffee.
I did, however, get the fair-isle part finished on the back of Kyle's vest!

This was one part Scott watching a movie I didn't care for, and two parts knowing that I had to post very soon after the weekend about my knitting successes.  Knowing that all of you are out there, watching, waiting, knowing that I said I would get more done to post about.  Nothing like a little bit of pressure to get 'er done.  Now it's on to the last bits!  I still need to finish the back, knit the neck/button band, sew in all the ends, knit the arm bands, sew on the buttons that I haven't bought yet, and block this monstrosity.  All this must be finished for my brother to proudly wear to our family Thanksgiving in a few short weeks.
I mean, it's a classy vest.  Who wouldn't want to wear it to a family function?
And after class today, I took a few minutes to have some pumpkin coffee and meet a friend for climbing.

It was a mid-week combination of some of my favorite things. :)

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nancy88 said...

Thank GOD you posted about the vest. I was sitting here waiting like, "Um, when is Katie going to post about the vest???"


I can't wait to see a pic of him in it at Thanksgiving!

And you know, if you have any of your students as readers, I'm sure they'd have a GREAT suggestion for you on how to cut back on the number of papers you have to grade. :)