Monday, August 18, 2014

Finishing Denmark

Internet has been pretty spotty throughout Italy, so I've mostly been updating my Instagram with a quick pic when I can. With my trip winding down, I realized how far behind I was, so I'll do a couple posts to catch up!
My last two days in Denmark were exactly what I wanted them to be- relaxing, seeing a couple more sights, and doing awesome friend stuff!
Heather and I had lots of coffee while we walked and shopped!
We went to the Aarhus art museum with the crazy rainbow walk on top and had our minds blown in some "inclusionary" art. 
Heather and Thomas treated me out on my last night- and boy do I mean treated!! Numerous courses, wine, and lots of laughs ensued. 
And to end my time in Denmark?
What else but eating cookie dough and watching New Girl together!? :)
Yaaaay Denmark!
Of course, since we didn't eat ALL the cookie dough, Thomas insisted on actually baking some cookies...
Where I was glad to give my emotional and dancing support!
Heather walked me to the bus station in the morning for one last sad goodbye...
Before I started on my way to Italy to meet up with the folks!
Oh, and sweater progress in Denmark?
Not too shabby! :)
Italy next!

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