Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Midst of Finals

It's been a flurry of activity as the semester closes up and Christmas looms a week away.

We've had a bit of a recent cold snap up here in the north.  After all the snow finally blew itself out, temperatures rarely crept above zero.  My goal to get out ice and mixed climbing before Christmas was quickly abandoned.

More often than not, they were so drastically below zero that I didn't mind staying indoors as the windchill often pushed the temp to bottom out around -35 to -45 degrees.  I guess our winter is going to be a little intense this year...
Scott and I had a lot of fun staging our Christmas last weekend!  I decided the theme was going to be "Torturing the Cats with Matching Festivities", and Scott was nice enough to play along.

The cats were forced to play, and I think their expressions captures their feelings about this photoshoot well. I'm holding the exceedingly reluctant Albert, and Scott has the not-happy Maeby.

There was also a lot of festivities at my local dance studio, and we celebrated with a Holiday Recital last Sunday!  My dancers all did the "Shim Sham Shimmy" onstage together, and you can see me on the far left in the red pants, white shirt, and Xmas tree hat!
Countering that Christmas cheer is the dread of finals.  I'm waist-deep in grading final papers, and as of this moment I am halfway through giving my exams.  Since I don't want to grade papers in front of my students, I'm spending the 4 2-hour test sessions finishing my Christmas knitting.

A certain pair of mittens are completely done and ready to be wrapped (official pictures later!).  I'm frantically knitting the rest of the Cafe Cowl today, and hopefully it'll be finished by Sunday so I can get some nice outside pictures before wrapping it up!
I'm looking forward to Florida with my parents tremendously.  The chance to sit back for over a week and not worry about grading, classes, lesson planning, or choreographing?
Yes, please.
A good time to rest and prep to knock spring semester out of the park!

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