Monday, December 30, 2013

FO: Cafe Du Monde Cowl

My other big Christmas knit was the Cafe Du Monde cowl for my brother's girlfriend, Kendra!

Pattern: The Stockholm Scarf, by knittedblissjc
Yarn: Two skeins of Three Irish Girls Kells Sport in the colorway "Petit Fours".  LOVE.
Timeframe: September 2-December 21.  At least half of this project was knit on the 16-hour drive down to the Red River Gorge for my climbing trip, and I definitely finished the last part of this project while sitting in on the finals I was giving at the end of the semester for my Comp I classes.
Needle: Size 10 on Addi Turbo Lace needles.  I finally caved and got these lovely needles when I realized how long this project was going to take me, and also since I know I'll (eventually) be knitting myself one of these cowls.  Someday.  Perhaps. :)

Mods: I cast on 252 stitches instead of 256, eliminating the extra K1P1s that were in there (or something to that effect- my notes are scattered around.  I definitely know I cast on a couple less stitches than the pattern calls for).
Worst Part: Honestly, the only bad part about this project was how long it took.  Did I mention it's huge?  As in, 13-14 inches across big?

And not just wide, but really long?  
Don't believe me?

Yes.  Crazy big yes.
Best Part: Oh my goodness, the yarn!  So squishy, such fun colors, and the way that they pooled was really cool.  Kendra said it's her favorite cowl, and that's high praise coming from an artist. :)

I originally began this cowl for myself, but I knew that Kendra would absolutely love it, so it turned in to a gift after about a week of knitting.  Maybe the next one I knit I'll be able to keep for myself... :)
Florida update- we did NASA on Saturday, dropped Scott at the airport to fly home yesterday morning, and enjoyed a 'lazy day' since it was raining.  This morning we're heading out to Daytona beach for two days of staying in a bungalow right on the ocean, thanks to my aunts and uncles and parents all pooling together to stay somewhere cool for the new year (and the willingness of some of us to sleep on blow-up mattresses on the floor).  I did a quick check- Duluth is at a temperature of -20 this morning, while I'm enjoying a balmy 65 this morning.  I love living in MN and the cold, but that's a little chilly.  Maybe this Florida vacation idea is nicer than I originally thought... :)

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