Friday, February 1, 2013

Cold Morning

It's been a busy week, stuffed with a ton of dance, a lot of teaching, and a fever that took a few days to go away.  It was nice to have this morning off to get some grading done, and even better when I run across little drawings from my students:

I have to run out eventually, but when you wake up to a temp of -17 and a windchill between -30 and -40, it's nice to not leave the house for awhile.  :)

Instead, I've got coffee, some climbing magazines, lesson planning for Composition, and trying to plan some meals for the next few days.  I've been running around so much lately that I haven't had time to cook, relying instead on Mac & Cheese, eating out, or (like last night) toast and dipping soft shell tortillas in guacamole.  This morning I opened the fridge and realized that my breakfast was either going to be slices of cheese (no bread), sunflower seed butter (on... more tortillas?), or a red pepper (what am I supposed to do with that??).  Time to make a list.

Tomorrow is the Climbing Competition at Vertical Endeavors, which means I'll be there at 8 am to help set up, clean up, and get climbers checked in.  Tonight, however, is when the real work gets done.  I'm heading down around 4 to climb every one of the 47 new routes to help rate them for the competition.  This is called "fore-running"- I can tell the setters if a route is harder or easier than it's supposed to be, and help find the order that the routes should be numbered in for difficulty.  And at 5'4'', I'm a good person for testing to make sure big moves on hard routes aren't too big for shorter climbers.  If I can climb it, there can't be any complaining that the moves are too far apart.  :)
I'm excited to go climb tonight, but right now I'm enjoying not running around in this chilly, chilly air.
Time to go get Albert to stop licking the windows... stupid cat...


The Jabba said...

What pattern did you use to make your coffee cup coozie? That is super cute!

Katie said...

Here's the link for the Ravelry page:
It was originally free when I got it, and I can root around for the pattern if you want it!

The Jabba said...

Thanks! I'll go have a look at it now.