Friday, September 9, 2011

Early Nervous

i was up early enough to see the sun rise this morning.
the sky was dark, then the rim of the lake turned blue then red then orange then yellow as a ball of warmth burst over the horizon. my spoon full of honey-oh's was frozen in mid-air over my bowl as i watched the world wake up. good morning, Duluth! did you sleep well?
last night I did. i normally toss and turn between my side and my stomach, getting too hot and tearing my socks off then getting too cold and feeling around in the dark with blurry vision to find them and put them back on my feet. but last night i was exhausted, with a week of worry and test dates figured out behind me. i don't plan on sleeping well tonight. tomorrow I have to run.
i'm not a runner. my body is built for climbing and tap dancing and hugging and biking and ballet and lying in a hammock, but not running. honestly, i would rather climb and jug thousands of feet instead of run a 5K, but it doesn't really matter. my friend is running the entire event, and i'm running to support him and the soon-to-come Duluth Children's Museum. i figure I hiked miles and miles uphill in the high sierras for days in a row, so how hard will it be to do a 5K all at once?
plus there's a 1/4 children's fun run early, and i want to hold 2-year old Lucy's hand and see her smile and know that if she can do it and smile at the sun and the people and the love and support all around her, than of course I can too.
tonight i will toss and turn. i will probably wake up and watch the sun rise, nervous and jittery and jumping up and down while drinking milk and water but not too much food because apparently that's bad before a longer run.
then I will go run.
afterwards i'm going to wade in the shores of the lake and fly a kite.
and probably eat some ice cream.



SteveQ said...

Best of luck! I'm the opposite - built for running. I stand on Palisade Head and get queasy with vertigo and have no grip strength in one hand, so I look at climbers with awe (and to reciprocate, know I've done 5K in 16 minutes, so I'm good at some things). I was supposed to be on the North Shore today - sometimes I miss it so much.

SteveQ said...

Today runners are finishing 100 miles on the Superior Hiking Trail (and 50 and a "mere" marathon). Tomorrow's the Grandma's Minnesota Mile in Duluth. This is the weekend to run up there!