Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Study, study, study...

...and when I'm done, I study and write papers and research more. Funny thing is, now that I have an office at school, I find that I'm more and more often drawn out here:Away from my windowless room, enjoying what's left of fall. The courtyard outside the building where my office is luckily has full internet access, so I can research and write all I want in the warm fall sun.
This weekend is my weekend off, and yet again I have to travel down to the cities for a wedding- this time for my cousin. She'll be married on Saturday, then Sunday we're meeting a friend or two at Taylor's Falls to get some afternoon fall climbing and bouldering in. Don't worry- I'll have my books along for studying, but it'll be a nice chance to really take a break, be outside and enjoy fall. I know it's important to stay on track for school and everything, but I'm a firm believer in enjoying what's going on around you.
I've started on my Holiday 2010 knitting, and first up is a hat for a younger cousin of mine, which I've lovingly dubbed "Sparkle Motion" (describes the yarn, and I love a good Donnie Darko reference).It's the pattern Hermione's Cable Hat, though with this yarn you'll be lucky to see any stitches at all. It's a pretty sparkly yarn, not terribly warm or soft, so I'll probably need to sew some fleece on the inside of the hat to make it wearable. I can't look at the hat as a whole while knitting or my eyes hurt, but a little at a time is okay. One big complaint, however, is the yarn. It doesn't stay wound in a ball, and in the little ziplock bag I keep it in, it turns to this:That's not just a lot of unravelring- it's a fairy unhappy knot that constantly needs fidgeting. It's a (lot) of a nuisance, especially when attempting to untangle on the bus ride to school.
Tonight, stretching muscles from teaching an extra two hours of ballet before more writing papers and lesson planning.
Would it be bad to make a pot of coffee at 11 pm at night?

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Samantha said...

Have fun with your weekend off!