Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hats, Hats Galore!

It's been a weekend for hats around my area! Mostly notably, my good friend Heather came over to finish working on her first knitting project ever- a hat for her boyfriend, based on the Turn-a-Square hat by Jared Flood!

She did a marvelous job for her first hat, and I thought it looked fantastic (although a little big for her pretty head)! Luckily her guy has a guy-sized head, so if it's a teeny bit big she just has to do a little shrinking by giving it a bath and she'll be set.
I pulled the Thorpe back out- remember a long time ago, the hat I started for my buddy as a barter? Well, it found itself back out of the realm of oblivion that is my craft area, and I plan on working on and finishing it very soon.
I also got some pictures of one of my hats in action- I knit a hat for a Coast Guard friend heading up to the Arctic Circle, and he got a picture of himself next to a glacier in the far north!
He just got back after being gone for two months, and was happy to report that the double-knit hat with a fleece lining was able to hold up to the arctic chill. That made me happy. :)
My life isn't just hats right now- I do plan on finally blocking the Seneca sweater today after class! I got home from VE last night with a mission- finish the sweater to be ready to block today. An episode of True Blood and a bowl of raspberries later, and the underarms were grafted, all the ends sewed in, and she's finally very close to becoming a part of my wardrobe.
Hopefully more on that very, very soon... :)

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