Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Today is a bit of a big day for me. It's the first day to the last year of my Master's degree program, I'm teaching my first class today, and this is the 400th post in my blog!
I have to admit, I never thought I would enjoy writing on a blog this much. It's connected me to people, given me a good support system, and hopefully if you read this you've enjoyed it at least a little. :) Thanks for sticking with me!
On to life- I found that lugging my twenty pound laptop around is going to be a problem this year, especially with how much I'm going to be moving back and forth between my office at school, work, home, and elsewhere. Solution- Netbook:This little guy is going to be my fun little companion this year, helping me teach and research at school without giving me a big backache from carrying it around. It weighs less than 3 pounds with the battery, and I'm really excited to bring it to school with me! You can see the size in comparison to Tyler's laptop, which is about the size of my own. So excited for it!
I finished knitting the Seneca sweater. It looks pretty and innocent, doesn't it?Well, looks are deceiving. There are problems. We'll talk about it later. Right now it's in time-out.
Got to go climbing this last weekend out at Palisade, and I couldn't have asked for a prettier day!A big group of us were able to set up a lot of climbs, and I worked quite a few routes as well as tried some new ones. My favorite new one has to be Mack the Knife- a gorgeous crack climb with not a lot of difficult sections. It was so good, and felt so solid for me, that after a few runs on top rope of it to cement the sequence in my head I'm going to work on fixing a line and figure out gear placement for my first 5.10 trad lead. Yaaaay! Sorry for the lack of actual climbing pictures- we were so busy climbing we didn't really take any, which might be a good thing in this case. :)
We'll talk about the sweater problem later.
It might be a bit of a sore spot.

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Cole said...

400 posts! Props to you miss Katie!