Thursday, September 22, 2016

The End of Summer

I'm officially just over 4 weeks in to school.  Dance started last week.  I've already begun to choreograph, fall is in the air, my Red River Gorge climbing trip is in a month, and I can't believe that I haven't blogged in FOREVER (sorry about that!).
While this year I have committed to far less dances than last year (for my own sanity, thank goodness) and I have no PTK to worry about, I know that I'll still be running around like crazy.  I'm planning the North Shore Style climbing competition as part of the Duluth Climbers' Coalition, I'm training for my upcoming fall climbing season, I have 4 tap lines, 4 duos, and a solo to choreograph, and always grading.  So much grading (and no, I can't stop assigning papers).
Luckily, I have a pantry full of coffee, a color-coordinated planner, a very understanding boyfriend, and all of the cozy knitting to help me relax when needed.
BRING IT, fall!
My summer ended with a flurry of trips, friends, meals, camping, climbing, laughing, swimming, and sunburns that are typical with trying to fit everything in that I could.
My mom visited me for a weekend, and we saw the biggest duck EVER.

I saw one of my best friends get married in her favorite place, even though she's off living on a sailboat right now in the caribbean. :)

Tough background to beat!
My Mom and I took a wine glass making class, which was fantastic and a little intimidating!

It's cool to be able to drink out of a wine glass that we made when we did a class together. :)  Now I'm reminded of a fantastic girls weekend with her whenever I pull it out!

We played some competitive family pickle ball down in the Twin Cities (things got heated)!

And in the last couple of days before school started, I went up the shore with two of my best friends for some camping, outdoor, and relaxation time before school and dance started.

This, to me, was crucial to beginning the year off happy.  Last year my schedule was so intense that I barely had time at home to myself, much less a free weekend to spend with good friends.  I ended the year stressed and even a little unhappy.  I'm definitely the type of person that needs a little bit of relaxation time in between obligations, and as I get older I'm realizing how important it is to take time for myself and say "no" to things.  I'm not good at saying "no", but I'm learning. :)

A few days getting outside was a great reminder of that.  We camped, we went climbing, we made meals from fresh veggies and talked about the best ways to roast a zucchini when camping.

We swam in streams and rivers around the campsite, and we jumped in Lake Superior and kicked around between boulders in frigid waters.  We lay on rocks with streaming wet hair and let the sun dry and warm us while we laughed and talked.  We watched the sun go down and the stars come up as we contemplated where we were going to be when we met in a year again.

Being able to do that with two lady friends that I hold near and dear to my heart was one of the best ways to end my summer.
Now onward to fall, knitting, dancing, school, climbing, trips, and lots of coffee. :)

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