Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Summer: Halfway Point

The funniest thing about summer is that I always expect it to be relaxing, chill, a time to hang out and enjoy friends and family and days where I can do absolutely nothing.
While there has definitely been hang out time, my summer has been anything but chill. :)

Dance finished with a bang as 6 of the studio seniors graduated, to much celebration, tears, and excitement for the next chapter!  I'm incredibly sad to see these amazing ladies leave, but I know they're going to do amazing things!  After that, I jumped right into auditions for next year's tap lines.  I have 5 tap competition lines next year.  It's going to be another crazy year in dance, it looks like!

After a rather harrowing experience with a new roommate's dog attacking poor little Albert, I ended up having to move in very quick fashion over the 4th of July weekend.

My new place is a little spendy, but I'm on my own for the first time, and my place is amazing!
It's the 3rd floor of an old school Duluth mansion, and it's all hardwood floors, great views, and super old school architecture and character.

The kittens have been incredibly happy here as well!

I even had time to run down to enjoy the 4th of July festivities at my aunt's house after moving with cousins.  Huzzah!
In between moving, it's been tons of wedding stuff!  My brother got married 2 weekends ago up here in Duluth at Spirit Mountain, so the weeks leading up to the festivities were full of showers, parties, and fun!

We had a bachelorette party weekend camping with all the bridesmaids and a bunch of Kendra's friends.  SO much fun- we did a wine tasting, shirt tie-dying, games, singing, campfire, cooking, and lots of laughing.  A few weeks later:

Kendra became my sister-in-law!

I was proud to stand by her side as one of the Bridesmaids as she and my brother got married.  My family is now officially a little bigger, and I couldn't be happier about it!

BF and I have been doing a fair bit of family time and trips, both together and apart.  It's been fun, though I'm almost looking forward to a weekend when we have nothing going on and can relax together.
It doesn't help that I keep planning more trips... :)
The last part of this past week I ran off to Lander, Wyoming for the International Climber's Festival.

It was fantastic, and I got to spend time with 3 other amazing ladies.

We climbed mostly at Wild Iris, and I have to say I absolutely loved the sport climbing there.  It was a little powerful, but the view was incredible, the company was amazing, and even the weather cooperated with good temperatures.

I love going on all-lady climber trips, and this one was particularly fantastic.  We all decided that we'll have to go back again for the festival next year!
I have a day or two at home before I head out again this weekend, this time to Chicago to see Coldplay with the BF (he spoils me a bit).  All this travel means that I've been able to get a bit of knitting in, which I'll have to share next post!
I'll try to be a little better this summer to post things, but as you can see, I've been busy getting out and doing cool things... :)

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