Thursday, October 1, 2015

Rolling in the Deep

Last weekend, my brother came up to finish his 4 open water dives in a lake to get his PADI open water dive certificate.  I, of course, tagged along, but this time with a camera!
My cousin Ben has one of those GoPro cameras, and I found out that despite the slightly fuzzy pics, it works great for diving!  I'm not sure how deep these cameras are supposed to go, but I brought it down to around 50 feet and it worked very well.
Kyle did his course in Lake Orebegon, which is one of my favorite places to dive because of all of the stuff to see down there!

There were two train cabooses..

A helicopter (hey, that's me swimming through it!)...

A school bus (Kyle waving hi)...

An old '57 chevy... (I think a hose sprung a leak, maybe...)

Another bigger helicopter...

And I'm saying hi from inside an old WWII fighter plane!

(Kyle has the bright yellow fins, I'm in black fins with the yellow mask)
We had a blast all weekend, and I couldn't have been more excited for Kyle to finish his cert so we can go out wreck diving in Lake Superior now (if we ever find a free weekend together... that's going to be the big challenge!).
I'm pretty lucky that my family loves adventures, and are willing to do the crazy stuff with me. :)

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